The mobility and travel industries contribute to considerable portions of emissions that lead to poor air quality and climate change. All the more reason for us to strive for solutions.

How Splyt aims to drive change in Environmental:

  • Become a leader in reducing reliance on private vehicle ownership.
  • Introduce sustainable modes of transportation - e.g. e-vehicles and micromobility.
  • Increase accessibility to public transportation offerings through MaaS apps.
  • Provide solutions for offsetting our own, and our partners' carbon footprints.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our employees' daily commuting.


Our commitment to greater social balance starts with our own team, and extends to our partners and users. Our community is as global as our reach.

How Splyt aims to drive change:

  • Community impact - improving accessibility to transportation offerings.
  • Employee impact - our values of independence, collaboration, ingenuity and laughter are just the start. Our flexibility and attention to wellbeing allows us to attract and retain the best talent to become Splytters.
  • Splyt is firmly committed to Diversity & Inclusion for both recruitment and employee career progression. With over 20 nationalities already on board, we treasure every difference.
  • Use our technology and services to provide communities greater accessibility to transportation options globally.
  • Our partners create opportunities for millions of workers, at above-minimum-wage commissions.


Especially during a high-growth phase, we build on our corporate structures and procedures, in order to create sustainable best practices throughout the business.

From an active and diverse Board, to clearly defined Leadership and Management Teams, our governance is rigid.