Our product solutions simply work, so your superapp simply grows

Two product solutions that fully and completely integrate the leading global on-demand services network into your superapp - within weeks, not years.

Splyt API's


Splyt's network, your interface. Connect to our API and make on-demand services from over 65 partners available to your users.


Choose one on-demand service, or six. A full user interface that can be integrated into your superapp out-of-the-box.

We integrate, so you don't have to

Splyt manages the complexity of contracts, product integrations and updates, so you can focus on growing your users.

  • One contractA Handshake
  • One invoiceAn invoice
  • One integrationChains
  • Multilingual customer supportHello in multiple languages
  • Experts in SuperappsA phone with many apps
  • Data analyticsA graph
  • Local language supportA globe
  • PromotionsA megaphone

Integrate on-demand services simply & seamlessly

Follow these easy steps to integrate with Splyt and begin offering new lifestyle services to your users in record time!

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Promoting for success

Our interfaces and APIs are designed to handle user accounts, push notifications, SMS messages, email, live chat and more! In-app marketing? Coupons? Promos? Customer Support? Data Insights? We've got you covered. Our partner's success is our success.

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